Upcoming Events

On October 30 at noon at Maple Indian in Goshen (delicious Indian food!) Evergreen Leaders is hosting a luncheon for people in the area to meet our board member Carol Fesco. Ms. Fesco is a veteran Director of Development. She raises a seven figure amount annually for Horizon House of Peru. Most of her funds come from one rural county in Illinois not unlike Elkhart County in Indiana.

Ms. Fesco uses a unique approach which includes very little in the way of Events -- she doesn't do a lot of golf tournaments or rubber duckie river races. Instead, she employs a process called GreenLight Fundraising which is a concept designed by Rich Foss and detailed in his book by the same name.

Attendees will hear how Ms. Fesco has used Foss' techniques to raise money for her charity, and each will receive a copy of the book "Greenlight Fundraising" as a gift with registration. 

Evergreen Leaders' current CEO Adam Fleming is a leadership coach and is preparing to begin a new group in the Elkhart Co. area to meet monthly to work to establish Greenlight Fundraising as a core component of the development process for area nonprofits. You will have an opportunity to hear about this new group beginning in January of 2016. 

You are invited to attend the luncheon with Ms. Fesco! Cost is $25, please bring cash or a check made out to Evergreen Leaders.

Unable to attend? You can still pick up a copy of Foss' groundbreaking book Greenlight Fundraising at: http://entrustsourcepublishers.com/green-light-fundrasing 

You may also contact our current CEO at adamf@evergreenleaders.org with any questions about the event or the upcoming group.

Want to get in a group before January of 2016? Great. Our teleconference group next meets on November 23 at 11 AM Eastern time.