Programs afoot

Headed into 2018 I'm very excited. We're adding two major coaching programs: The Sermon Coach and Personal Change Fitness. We're also still in serious talks about doing coach training in Cairo, Egypt. 

We've traveled a bit less this year, but I think sometimes you have to pull back to be ready to move forward again. I'm glad to say that the travel budget has some money in it... more is needed if we're going to be able to do a major trip in the late winter, but we're close, and that's exciting too.

More frequent updates do come from me-- I have a monthly encouragement email you can get, just to hear something positive, and I've done a good job of sending a regular monthly update email, as well as a paper letter twice a year or so. If you'd like to track more closely, I recommend sending me an email to ask to be part of those lists. 

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