Focus on Cairo for 2019

Adam Fleming, Feb 5, 2019.

2015-2018 was an exciting time of exploring and envisioning a larger purpose for Evergreen Leaders. Each of the last four years I’ve traveled to Thailand to attend either a conference or a retreat for further training. In addition I took two trips to Egypt and one each to Belize and Congo, in the course of exploring the coaching movement on a global level and offering my skills as a cross-cultural coach and as a trainer, leading several workshops. Over the last three years, my wife and I began to explore the possibility of living overseas for a year with our family.

We considered Thailand, especially— what a lovely place. Belize and Congo are always in our hearts! But as time passed a specific calling from Egypt, land of the pyramids and pharaohs, became clear to us. After our exploration trip with all the kids in October, 2018, my wife said, “Well, I’m not infatuated with it.” We’re not big-city people, and there are aspects of life in Cairo that will be challenging. We are headed there with our eyes wide open.

However, our skills are needed. In particular, I’ll be helping North Africa Middle East Coaching Network get more established, working as a mentor-coach for their recent trainees, and helping to train more coaches.

We’re excited about partnering with Tamer Isaac in his vision there, and we invite you to talk with us more about it. Whether you’re working with a foundation, a church or a private individual who would like to see a complete grant proposal, I’ll be happy to share that with you.

For this year, I won’t be going back to Thailand. I’m even passing up a trip to Asheville, NC. A majority of Evergreen Leaders resources will be going to this project for 2019 and 2020 as we prepare to live in the land of the Nile River.

Thanks for your interest in our projects!

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