• Change fitness for nonprofit leaders.
  • Personal Change Fitness Practitioner certification (24 CEU) also available for ICF coaches.

Change is all around you. Artificial Intelligence will change the job market as we know it -- a new industrial revolution of technology. By 2025 or 2030, our value in the job market will be drastically different -- we'll still have value, but what we do each day will be radically different.

You may be ready for this change, but do you have the psychological fitness to make the adjustments necessary to survive and thrive in the future?

Change Fitness, a unique concept in the field of Organizational Change Management, can help. 

Dr. Steve Barlow, The Change Gym

Dr. Steve Barlow, The Change Gym

Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of Elkhart Co., we've been able to become the first North American partner with programs provided by The Change Gym (New South Wales, Australia) to provide the Personal Change Fitness Program. Beginning in December, 2017 or January of 2018 we'll take on our first Change Fitness client. 

Contact adamf@evergreenleaders.org to find out more about this helpful program, and get fit for change!