Nonprofit Fundraising

Are you burned out doing fundraising events? Pouring hours of work into golf scrambles that could get rained out, auctions with work grudgingly donated from artists who know you’ll sell it at 10% of the value? Looking for a new way to raise funds?

Are you at the very beginning of the journey and have no idea how to raise funds? You have a vision that won’t happen if you don’t come up with some cash? Think you can’t afford to hire a consultant? We raise our own funds too, so you don’t have to pay big bucks to get help.

Evergreen Leaders was founded by Rich Foss, author of the seminal book Greenlight Fundraising. We’re using this resource to help people. You can raise the money you need! We’re here to help, whether you’ve just begun the process of starting a nonprofit or have a budget of $350,000.

We know there are a million other things vying for your time. Fundraising is not the type of thing very many people consider their first love, often it’s the last part of your responsibility that you even want to touch. That’s why we invite you to consider joining one of our monthly accountability groups. We’ll work through the book with you and encourage you each step of the way as you implement the Greenlight Fundraising principles.