Photo: Adam Fleming and Tim Stair meeting over coffee to discuss leadership training


Adam G. Fleming, CPCC; CEO

Adam was asked to take the role of CEO in October of 2014. Adam brings an expertise in leadership coaching as both a coach and trainer, and an entrepreneurial spirit to EGL as we reinvent ourselves for the future.

Jonathan Corbin

Jonathan is one of our contract coaches. He completes his LLCT training in 2016 and will be working with Adam on various coaching and training projects.

Tim Lichti

Tim is an EGL staff member with a vision for a non-profit of his own, Dust He Turned. Tim’s work as a volunteer for a variety of non-profits, including churches and camps, and his persistent approach to serving, made him an ideal leader for EGL to invest in.


Board of Directors

Anne Stewart 

Carol Fesco

Jesse Miller

Jon Kaufmann-Kennel

Kimberly Chris

Nancy Becher

Tim Stair, Chairman