Photo: Adam Fleming and Tim Stair meeting over coffee to discuss leadership training


Adam Fleming, PCC; CEO

Adam accepted the role of CEO in October of 2014. Adam brings an expertise in leadership coaching as both a leadership coach since 2009, and coaching skills trainer, and an entrepreneurial spirit to EGL as we reinvent ourselves for the future.

In 2018, Adam was credentialed by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach and certified by The Change Gym of NSW, Australia, as the first Certified Change Fitness Practitioner in North America.

Fr. Tom Simmons, Ph.D.

Fr. Tom is the "Sermon Coach." His passion for preaching that gets results culminated in a doctoral thesis showing the effective link between coaching methodology and careful sermon preparation. Fr. Tom is available on a limited basis through Evergreen Leaders to coach ministers of any denomination (or “non”) who want to improve their preaching skills. Fr. Simmons pastors St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Purcellville, VA.

Board of Directors

Kimberly Chris

Kimberly is a former teacher, home-school mom, and is active in her house church and serves a variety of nonprofits in and around Goshen, IN.

Angela Swartzendruber, CPA

Angela works for Everence Financial Solutions in Goshen, IN.

Tim Stair, Chairman

Tim is a consultant for Mennonite Health Services and is often busy with work as an interim pastor in one of the Mennonite churches around Goshen and Elkhart, Indiana.