You can improve your preaching!


What would you do to improve?

You’ve been preaching for years and might feel a bit… bored.  Or stale?  Maybe even burned-out?  

That was ME several years ago.  I wanted to improve, but how? Read a book?  Listen to great preachers? Attend a conference?  I tried those, but in the end, they made no lasting difference.  

I found that a “coaching relationship” is both effective to help preachers improve.

What is “Coaching”?

A coach is trained to help people who feel stuck-in-a-rut to move forward.  Coaches are “change experts,” equipping you to solve your own problems without telling you what to do.  

Sermon coaching isn’t about critiquing your sermons and giving advice, it’s building a trusting relationship, believing in you and what God is doing in your life.  

The coach asks instead of tells, crafting powerful questions that help you discover new perspectives, discern your priorities, articulate your goals, devise your own solutions, and take responsibility for your own improvement.  

And best of all, IT WORKS!

There is no one-size-fits-all approach.  Coaching  facilitates learning and change in a wide variety of people.

Want REAL RESULTS from your Continuing Education funds?

Preachers who begin the coaching course feeling frustrated and lonely, walk away feeling like they’ve made significant progress in partnership with their coach, knowing they can continue improving on their own.

Their stress level is reduced in preparing sermons. They see more in scripture and rely less on commentaries.  They can more clearly give voice to their values and speak more relevantly to their people. And people notice the difference on Sunday morning!  

Sound too good to be true?  

Here’s what other preachers have said about their experience with the Sermon Coach:

“Preaching is so important to everything we’re trying to do in ministry.  It’s the only time you get to speak to all these people every week.  Probably want to work on that one!  I hate to hear people talk about their clergy, ‘He’s not much of a preacher, but he’s good at pastoral care.’ You want to be good at BOTH!  Coaching helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and gives you a process to substantially improve both.”


“It’s a really great way to improve, or change your preaching style….It worked for me.”  


“I’ve enjoyed the sense of being empowered to be a better preacher.  You ask lots of good questions without jumping in and telling me how to do something.  It’s been a real clarifying process for me and you’ve made that possible by not evaluating my preaching, but motivating and empowering.  It makes it fun for me to preach, and be excited about the changes I’m making.  You’ve done a very good job to create the space where that change could be made.”


Want to see for yourself?

The coaching course unfolds over one year, with coaching sessions twice per month, and costs $1600.  It’s a big investment, but the changes Mark and Ann and Dave shared are … priceless.  If you would like to learn more, please email Tom Simmons at

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Tom Simmons lives in Purcellville, Virginia, with his wife, Tait, and their five children, where he’s been Rector of St. Peter's Episcopal Church since 2002.  Tom earned the M.Div. from Westminster Seminary and the M.A. in Christian Education from Virginia Seminary, and the D.Min. in homiletics from Gordon-Conwell Seminary, with legendary preacher, Haddon Robinson. Before giving his life to the Church, Tom served as an Army infantryman and Capitol Hill staffer. Tom loves woodworking, playing strategy games, preaching, and seeing people's lives change for the better. 

Sermon coaching will initially be provided by Fr. Tom. We will soon have other coaches available for preachers interested in this program. Space is limited, so make your inquiries now!